Tetyana Lytvynova

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Tetyana Lytvynova
02090 Ukraine

Über Mich

I'm open for a new season 2021-22. Ready to perform in your Gala and Variete Shows.
Performances on a pole :
1. Sport - pole acrobatic.
2. Art - performance in LED costumes .
3. Exotic - dancing on a hills or with burlesque fans .
Can create and change performance and costumes according to show conception.

Pole Competition Awards:
1.Winner in catategory "pole-art" at Third Interrregional Pole Dance Competition 2013.
2. Winner of Ukrainian Pole Art Championship 2013 at Kiev Ukraine.
3. Winner in category "pole art" at Moscow International Open "Mi...Weiterlesen


1. Fitness/pole sport instructor 2009-15 Kiev, Ukraine.
2. Pole acrobat in first ukrainian pole art show “ 80 days around the world ” 2013-14.
3. Pole acrobat at “Pole art ballet” Kiev, Ukraine 2013-14.
4. Pole dance performer at 60 anniversary concert of composer Igor Krutoy “И жизни раз бывает 60” Moskow , Russia 2014.
5. Acrobat on areal pole in show “ Urban Circus Contemporary ” in Turkey 2015.
6. Solo performer in show "Die Rosevue" at Friedrichsbau Variete in Stuttgart, Germany 2015-16.
7. Solo performer in show “Paradise girls” at Premier Palats Hotel, Kiev, Ukrain...Weiterlesen