Philip Breidenbach - Guitarist, Composer, Mixing & Production

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Philip Breidenbach
50937 Köln


Über Mich

I was born in Aachen, Germany in 1985.
At the age of eight I took my first guitar lessons and got hooked on all kinds of musical instruments very quickly. Luckily I had access to plenty of them at my parents house so I made my first experiences with the drums and the piano at the age of ten. After studying the guitar for sixteen years under several teachers I graduated at the Conservatory of Maastricht (NL) in 2009. At the time I was already playing and writing for several projects and encountered different musical genres. During my studies I also began to record and produce music. What start...Weiterlesen


Zusammenarbeit u.a. mit Stefanie Heinzmann , Antilopen Gang, Maxim, Rea Garvey, Julia Engelmann, Sebastian Sturm, Harrisson Stafford (Groundation), Kiddus I, Philharmonie Amsterdam, Taizé, Ernst Reijseger, Heribert Leuchter, Theater Bonn, Albert Minott ( The Jolly Boys), Aprile, Thabilé, Jaquee, uvm.