Melanie Quinlan

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Melanie Quinlan
13587 Berlin


Über Mich

Melanie Quinlan (* born 1973) cannot recall a time without books or imaginary friends. Even though she made some very dear real friends and is at least theoretically grown up, she still loves telling tales and getting to know the many characters that live inside her head. Her fascination with books lead her to studying librarianship in what later became her home town of choice, Cologne. Her writing can best be described as Dark Queer Urban Fantasy. Some has touches of romance, others of steamy adult fun. A fascination with LGBT culture has influenced her work at least as much as her love of 80s pop music, everything Victorian, fairy tales, folklore and whatever may hide in the dark shadows under your bed. Currently she's working on her first novel and several other projects and shares a flat in Berlin,Germany with fellow author Sabina Skye..

I'm available for readings, book signings and other book-ish events in Berlin.... Weiterlesen