Josh & Cloé

Weil am Rhein
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Nathalie Cloé Matter
79576 Weil am Rhein

Über Mich

Josh and Cloé are partner acrobats from Switzerland, started training intensively together in 2017 and participated in various circus programmes around the world, such as "Pitch Catch Circus" in the USA or "Performing Acrobatix" in Germany. In 2019, they became part of the Swiss National Sports Acrobatics Team, where they trained until Pandemic. They also participated in theatre and dance classes as well as workshops by Roberto Magro, Peter Shub, Diogo Santos and many others. In 2022, they graduated from the professional circus school INAC in Portugal. In the past they worked with companies su...Weiterlesen


Cie XY - Les Voyages - Santiago do Cacem & Odemira (PT)
Zürchertheaterspektakel (CH)
LEME Festival (PT)
Le Castrum (CH)
Festival Novos Ventos (PT)
Zirkusquartier Zürich (CH)
JKF Basel (CH)